Greek architects Alexandros Kapsimalis and Marianna Kapsimalis’ (Kapsimalis Architects) innovative viewpoint is the driving force behind the creation of this unique group of summer villas on the island of Santorini: CAVE and CLOUD in Firostefani take in the unobstructed views this magical island offers in bounty, while SEPIA, YARD, DROP and VILLA are set against the majestic backdrop of Fira, the island’s beating heart.

Deep knowledge and respect for local craftsmanship have guided the two architects in using traditional techniques in unexpected, exciting ways, through a creative process in which even the volcanic soil plays an integral part. A process that holds no boundaries between contemporary and classic, light and dark, exterior and interior spaces: Every contradiction is treated in the duo’s work, simply as an interesting transition creating a myriad of moods, feelings and settings.

Water is also used as an architectural element in every one of the residences; its sound and motion all playing their part in an experience that does not limit itself to casual refreshing plunges, come high noon.

In the creation of the villas, the restrictions that arose from the particularity of the sites, the small scale of both the pre-existing buildings and plots that were radically gutted while respecting the cubist environment in which they dwell, even the difficulties of the materials’ transportation on such an inclined landscape were challenges that were faced with brilliant resilience and exuberant inspiration.

Step into the unique private worlds that are about to become your summer refuge.